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Korea Trip

"My Tae Kwon Do training follows me everywhere I go. The discipline I’ve learned has helped me a lot in school and other sports because I know that I have to train and practice to achieve excellence."
–Michael Marlett, Black belt

We are planning a trip to Korea and Jeju Island for the summer of 2017. If you are interested in joining this tour please send an email to:
to let you know more details when they become available.

Price will include:  airfare, all hotels, three daily meals, a visit to Kukkiwon, transportation,sightseeing and English speaking guide.



Hear what some families have experienced in the past:
"We definitely think the trip was worthwhile...they really make you feel like royalty!" -the Gerst family

"My wife and I have toured the Orient on our own, but with Grandmasters Chul Jin and Jun Chong, it takes it to a whole different level." -Phillip Blackman

In front of the Kukkiwon headquarters, 2010.

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