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About Us

“By attending classes supported by his good family and expert instructors, one can easily overcome the hard or negative parts of life experience.”
-Nobu Otake, student since 1996, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Grandmaster Chong has taught Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido for over 35 years and his system has proven to be an excellent all around method of teaching martial arts and promoting health and self-confidence.. Our goals in teaching martial arts are simple but essential to the way of life:


Respect. Respect plays a major part in the practice of martial arts. A martial artist has the proper respect for country, master, instructors, senior ranks, dojang (“house of discipline,” AKA martial arts school) and self to be a good example. This attitude of respect will be taught to each student training in our studio.


Discipline. This is another important asset a student gains in martial arts. The discipline to follow through, commit to a goal, and persevere through all challenges and setbacks. It is essential that students practice on a regular weekly basis and that they follow the instructions given by instructor in class. A part of training is to instill discipline which will remain forever as part of a person's lifestyle, helping to achieve goals and to excel in other activities.


Persistence. All great leaders have a strong sense of discipline and understand the importance of persistence. Parents must understand that their children will benefit with consistent training and discipline in the dojang. Unless the person is injured or ill, it is best to work out at least three times per week.


Leadership. We require all of our black belt candidates to accumulate 75 hours of assistant teaching before their black belt test, under the supervision of an instructor. The idea is to create a strong role model and leader in every one of our black belts so that they can learn the skills to be successful in and outside of martial arts



About Our Facility:
Our new location features 4500 sq.ft. for all your training needs, including two classroom mats with full length mirrors, central air conditioning and heating, a weight room area, men and women’s locker rooms, and convenient parking lots next door. Parents can observe classes or relax with free reading material while young children enjoy a children’s entertainment center and homework area. We also offer free WiFi for your convenience.

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