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Tae Kwon Do for Kids

"Tae Kwon Do teaches children respect, discipline, and self-determination at the same time (that) they get a workout. A winning combination!"
~Thomas Griffith, 1st dan Black belt, Father, Actor (Karate Kid 3)

Children may start as early as 3 ½ years old and our instructors carefully evaluate your child in order to recommend appropriate programs and classes. Using our proven curriculum, we offer two types of classes to successfully teach kids the fundamentals of martial arts in a fun and safe environment: the Little Tiger class (ages 3 ½-4) and the Children’s Beginner class (ages 5-10).


From Day 1, your child will begin developing skills in coordination, flexibility, self-defense, weapons, and safe ways to fall and roll. They will build confidence from their accomplishments in class and practice discipline, respect, listening, and following directions. Our motto, the “Student Creed,” is recited and memorized by all students:

Student Creed
"To build true confidence through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body. To keep friendships with one another and to build a strong community. Never fight to achieve selfish ends, but to develop might for right.


Martial arts truly is great for all children: shy kids become more assertive; hyperactive kids can channel their energy; and all children gain from the focus, discipline, and exercise. Martial arts is also recommended for ADD, ADHD, and Autism (we are a vendor for the Westside Regional Center/Lanterman Regional Center for Autism).

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