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Tae Kwon Do for Adults

"It is not often in life that one is fortunate enough to find a mentor, in any walk of life, but I can truly say that Grandmaster Chong has been that for me, not only in martial arts, but also in fitness, discipline, and just generally in life."
-Steve Jacobson, 3rd dan black belt, Florist

We offer an extensive adult program that engages each adult physically, mentally, and spiritually. By combining Tae Kwon Do (high kicks, punching, sparring) and Hapkido (proper rolling, falling, pressure points and throws), you will master both close and far range attacks. Mentally, martial arts builds stronger awareness of your surroundings, which serves as a not only as for self defense but as a preventative measure from possibly dangerous or difficult situations.

Martial arts will also take away your daily stresses and allow your mind to focus on just you. Since martial arts is not a team sport, the physical and mental challenges rest upon you alone. But the camaraderie you build with fellow martial artists is of respect and friendship, and many long lasting friendships and successes have come from a foundation of martial arts.

You might worry that you’re too old to start a new sport, or that you don't have the time, or the flexibility, or endurance to start something new, but that is not true. Adults can start at any age and at any physical level. Together with your presence of mind and the skills of our very best teachers, we will help you reach your full potential while building strength and confidence, exercising, and clearing your mind.

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