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Belt System

“Becoming a black belt is not like other goals. It’s not like winning a championship at school because the glory only lasts for a moment. A black belt is a victory that you carry out for the rest of your life.”
–Justin Swartz, 2nd dan Black belt, Student

Everyone starts at the beginner white belt level and move their way up to black belt. Belt tests are held every 2 months and are based on the teacher’s approval of your attendance and knowledge of the material. On average, students take about 5 years to receive a black belt at Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do. But remember, martial arts is not a race, it’s a marathon! If you are consistent, steady, and determined, you will receive your black belt.


Black belt Level:

  • 1st dan Black belt


Advanced Level:

  • 2nd Gup of Red belt with Black Stripe
  • 3rd Gup of Red belt w/White Stripe
  • 4th Gup of Red belt
  • 5th Gup of Green belt w/Black Stripe
  • 6th Gup of Green belt w/White Stripe
  • 7th Gup of Green belt
  • 8th Gup of Blue belt w/White Stripe
  • 9th Gup of Blue belt

Intermediate Level:

  • Orange belt w/White Stripe-Kids Only*
  • 10th Gup of Orange belt
  • Purple belt w/White Stripe-Kids Only*
  • 11th Gup of Purple belt


Beginner Level:

  • Yellow belt w/White Stripe-Kids Only*
  • 12th Gup of Yellow belt
  • White belt





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